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Nightlife in Tbilisi


Hi! This is not just a boring catalogue of everything that exists in the capital of Georgia, this is a selection of places, that were visited and positively evaluated by an owner of – an expat, who lives in this city for the last several years.

When he arrived to Tbilisi he faced a situation that he either couldn't get all needed information about places to hang out (it is funny, but websites are not very popular among the owners of businesses, in other words they do not make websites preferring Facebook pages instead), or very often the information was not correct. 

After some experience with finding proper restaurants, bars, clubs and casino, mostly by recommendations of locals and other expats, he decided to create this website to help others, who visit Tbilisi, not to waste their time and money.

This is a very subjective website and will always be like that. The information about properties listed contains all you need – official description, photos, features, minimum sum to visit a place, a Google map and editor's review with helpful tips.

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P.S. Sorry for our English, it is not our native language, so do not judge us too harshly if you see a grammar or spelling mistake.

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